The Meaning to Life

My head is nothing but question marks today.

These days – in fact, most of the days of my life – I am looking for the meaning to life… secret to happiness… whatever you want to call it.  Is it the same for everybody or is everybody individually responsible for finding their own purpose?

Why is this world in such a horrible mess?  And if the world is in such a terrible mess then how come I have been lucky enough not to be in abject poverty like most of the people on this planet?  Why am I always driven to gain more?

Does God Exist?  If God exists then it is one of the most important questions we can ask, that and HOW does God exist.  Or is the idea “God” just satisfying some human need in our head.  What is the need we feel that means we want to believe?  And if there is no God – and even if there is – how do we answer that need properly?

Do we have an inherent need to hate and destroy?  Are our violent tendencies somehow suppressed in civilized society and do they find expression in large scale military campaigns.  But I am not responsible for Vietnam or the Gulf War or the murder of the Cathars in the middle ages when the Pope said “Kill them all and let God sort them out.”  Am I?  I mean, we as a people, watch action movies and the news is a form of entertainment.

If there is an overarching Theme which binds us all together then what is it, and if we can find it does it mean we will be happy?  Maybe the overarching Theme is all about pain and misery, in which case many of us already know the meaning to life but will not admit it to ourselves.

So, what is going on?


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