Related to What?

There are just some things I can’t post. Why? Because it is just too honest and raw. Last Poets – Made in Amerikkka is one.

I wonder why I listen to this, why I am drawn to it, because I am not a black man from the sixties/seventies. I am white, and I feel like an outsider in that, in most things. But there was direction then, there was a voice, and I am looking for a voice. The “politics of the other” is not white versus black, or even “the other” versus “the establishment”. It is about “us” versus “ourselves”. It is about us establishing a dialogue with ourselves, with the worst and best parts of who we are and then finding our common humanity through that. And that is not easy, because it is not all “Love and Peace” and “We are all the Same at Heart”. Because we aren’t the same. Establish THAT, because nobody wants to lose who they are, and then begin to look for what is common. That’s really hard.


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