The Decline of Rock and Roll

My question is: Why is the decline of Rock and Roll, taking the Rolling Stones as a benchmark of that decline, a bad thing? Admitted, Jagger is a bit embarrassing now, but with all that energy still, he makes Cantankerous Old Man work. He is like Terry Pratchett’s old Barbarian. If you are looking for Super Bands like Pink Floyd I don’t know if that is going to happen. There just aren’t enough Syd Barretts around to exploit.

So it is all retro today. Sadly, I think, so am I.

Even when I go looking for new stuff today I find The Eagles of Death Metal. And that’s hardly new. I like what John Cale is doing now, and he is hardly jumping up and down on stage. People may ask “Who” if they’re not familiar with the Velvet Underground, but here is a fellow open to the old and the new, and Leonard Cohen who is making all the old new under the sun.  I like the edges, even if they are old and frayed. And I worry what will happen when these people pass on… musically.

But Lady GaGa? Is she new? Or is she already old. Or is she new put in an old package.


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