A revolution in progress

(I’m off on the train to show a friend of mine some textual doodlings based on my ideas and his style to see what he thinks.  He is really a wonderful poet, and he does not have this internetitis which we all seem to possess.  But I just took a left turn to my blog because I tell myself “Why waste the chance for input”.)

Can somebody let me know if you can plagiarize
the dictionary?

I’m turning out ano-
ther poem because no-
body likes me and I am die-
ing for somebody
to talk to my existence
is ceasing by degrees i’m
experiencing an agony suggestive of
death i am starting to stop i am
putting my agony out
in writing which will either be lost or mis-

True re-
volution is a state of mind which comes
before act-
ion well that’s just
crap there are no other opt-
ions nietzsche was right, and i
wonder from pain into drooling
blackness people will tell you
action will
always be necessary, but without
thought action is similar to a
bowel movement.

Come to think of it.  Regularity is really really really important.  And doesn’t it say in the bible that you have to act first and ask questions later. So much for rationality…  No! I always liked the term “Constant and unremitting self critique.”

If anyone knows where the phrase comes from they should let me know.


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