Not What She’d Expected

A college bar
in a Student Union Building,
a blond waitress
a humanities undergraduate
cleaned tables.

An abandoned table
a half empty beer glass
an open notebook
the pen set diagonally
across the page
to keep the text from sliding off.

“I want to swallow you whole
have you wet with me
so you slip right down
and in the warmth of ourselves
which pulses with what we are
is a desire
to eat the body
to have
to hold
to become
each other”

She took the book
and, looking left,
then right,
searched for it’s owner.

And from the toilette
a desperate pock faced giant,
with hands for clubs
who’d pissed himself,

“That’s fucking mine,
you stupid bitch.
Give it here.”

Not what she’d expected
at all.

by Paul Bourgeois
Finland, June 23, 2012


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