On Creativity:

Sometimes I just need to get out and see myself in another context. Sometimes I just need to focus on something other than the thing I need to make.  Bukowski’s gravestone says “Don’t Try”.

Creation has to be fresh.  I think I have to discover something about myself.  Once I have all the answers I desire, then I won’t be able to create anything.  At the same time, searching and finding nothing is locking me up just as successfully as finding I have finally discovered the secret to happiness.

I sat down today in my home and tried to rework something old.  I tried, and failed.  I only found a desire to be perfect and found myself reworking something dry and dead.  Then I went out.  I am reading Walden these days.  And new ideas started flowing, character, plot structures.  Because I took my brain out of its cage.

Then again, all new is just as detrimental as reworking old stuff.  A backlog of unfinished material is locking me up.  New beginnings all the time is very frustrating.  I think I need to get some of the old stuff to work before I can move on.


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