Creed of The Other

We will not be treated unfairly.

We will let society hold their mediocrity precious but we will not be the gauge by which society defines its own importance.  We have been forced to painful consciousness through our otherness and, despite all that which has been done to us, we will still achieve.  We will be artists and scientists and business people.

We will look back in society’s eyes, and our eyes will have consciousness, creativity, intelligence and far more humanity than was served to us.

I wrote this several years ago but I do not feel “noble” and I do not feel grateful to a narrow minded society for forcing me to suffer.  Fredrick Nietzsche said if we survive suffering we come out stronger, and some have said that the person who suffers is noble. THAT’S A LOAD OF CRAP. Some people do NOT survive pain and sometimes people are broken by pain and suffering.  The bully on the schoolyard who calls someone else “retarded” is not doing that person a favour by making him “noble”.  I know a bit about suffering, but I do not feel ennobled by it, and I don’t think the people responsible for my suffering (myself included) have served a higher purpose or get a “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE” card because of it.  Discrimination is unfair, and no-one should suffer it.  Those that do suffer and do well do so because they have worked harder, but why does anyone who is not “average” or “normal” have less right to happiness or the common pie.  I am simply here and am responsible for surviving, and I am responsible for the good and bad I do to others.  Other people are responsible for the good and bad they inflict on others as well.


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