I’m Feeling Much Better Now

benetargetnervous“But I’m feeling much better now,” he said from the straight jacket, spittle drooling from the corner of his mouth.  I always think of the above picture when I think of that.

Not her best album, perhaps, depending on your tastes, but she LOOKS GREAT.  She has a 4 or 5 octave voice and she started out as an opera singer, but opera doesn’t pay as much…  There is a redemptive quality to all this music, to show the darkness and confusion, uncover it in society, bring it out from inside us, show it and deal with it.  She got into trouble for the song “Hell is for Children.”  But she wasn’t justifying child abuse.  She was saying it happened.  And it is a powerful song.  And these singers become the things they sing about, they play the part of the horror they sing about, and, yes, there is certainly entertainment value to it, but there is also something more important.  The songwriter/performer is saying “There something wrong, but there is also light here.  There is something we can fix.”

When I think of the joke “I’m feeling much better now,”  I also think about Alice Cooper in a straight jacket.


Now there’s a performer who threw up some darknesses – and perhaps some pigeon heads, as well, or was that Ozzy?  – But let’s not slide into that darkness right now and let’s look back up at Pat’s sweet little face, surprised to find herself in such a situation.

We look at this and then we look at that.  This whole idea of values being relative creates a dilemma inside us, because: “If values are relative and there are no universal values than can life really have meaning?”  Maybe we should just make money and have good sex.  Maybe that’s what life is all about.  And then the poor unpopular people start thinking, “Hey! wait a minute! What about us?”  One could make the argument that religion was just a way to appease those poor masses so they would serve the establishment.  Karl Marx made the observation when he commented on the overlords of the Industrial Revolution.

The Industrial Revolution.  The Roman Catholic Church.  The ancient Egyptians had a pretty good scam going 3000 or 4000 years ago.  So the ancient Egyptian polytheistic religion was used as a system of abuse to enslave masses of people to worship living Gods who were the Pharaohs. The Roman religion was also a system of oppression as the Caesars were, also, living Gods.  Even if they weren’t gods, they were warlords, diletants, moral reprobates, and pretty nasty people.  “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

But the Roman political system wasn’t all bad.  It was pretty sophisticated and held together a pretty big empire. (Probably a result of all those nameless civil servants in the cogs of the machine trying to make it work.) Monty Python mentions that in “Life Of Brian”:


But that’s not all there is to it.  I think, within a system which has become very regimented, there are the philosophers or the mystics swimming around in the deep dangerous waters looking at things like meaning and values.  That’s where I think I am swimming around right now, trying to find out what things mean.  But before you (or I, or anybody) can find meaning, we need foundation.  A bit of land.  A ship.  Or a row boat.  Otherwise, we are going to drown.

“I am completely operational, and all my circuits are functioning perfectly,” the Hal 9000 computer said, even though it had gone bat-shit crazy.


But, really, since all the horrible stuff I have been through, I feel like I am putting something together, making some sort of life for myself.  Of course, one person could have a lot more materially than someone else and still feel something is missing.  The old story of these billionaires working so hard and making more and more money because they are lacking something that money can’t buy.  Of course, it’s not that simple.  It never is.

“But I am feeling MUCH better now.”


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