Technical Matters of The Project

Good morning!


I have a question.  Is this particular blog entry going to have any overarching meaning about our human existence?  The answer is: I don’t care.  I want a witness to the sundry technical aspects of making an animated video.  I’m about to do something scary and I am afraid my entire computer may explode (i.e. I may unintentionally destroy the hard-drive of my new computer).  On the up side, I like learning how to do new things.

Surprisingly, the whole process of making an animated video requires a great deal of technical know-how concerning computers and the internet.  When I lived in Finland I felt the computer shop next to me overcharged and didn’t do a wonderful job so I got myself a screw driver and learned to build my own system.  My band mate was into free/alternate operating systems so I got one of those so that I have access to all the free software.  I need this software if I am going to begin to animate.  I am preparing to install a dual OS on my computer.  The new commercial computer systems are designed so that is very difficult to do, because they don’t want you getting free stuff.  I am very concerned.

So if this all goes badly I may be like one of those burnt out hackers in a William Gibson novel sitting in the middle of his living room with smoke coming out his ears and this may be the last blog you ever get from me.  I need witnesses!


By the way, Sacred Fools Theatre company did a main stage production of Burning Chrome in their 1998-99 season.  I mention this because I have just discovered it in my search for pictures, and I think the picture is just marvelous.

A young boy by the name of Eric with cystic fibrosis introduced me to William Gibson.  He was brilliant and into computers, wonderful science fiction, dungeons and dragons, and had a marvelous heart.  But, unfortunately, not long for this world.  It is said that short candles burn bright.  Eric burned bright.  He was a wonderful human being.  It is also said that we live on through other people’s memories of us after we pass away.  I will remember Eric.  And now you will, too.

But, back to the subject of the technical aspects of making an animated video.


Mark Shuttlesworth is a South African Millionaire and he has developed a free operating system called Ubuntu and he supports a community of free software development.  I think information should be free.  The way I understand it, there are all these businesses in developing countries and individuals within developed and developing countries, that can not afford the software to operate their hardware or do the things they need to do such as manage a business or make a film or animation.  Tons of stuff.  I think if you are creative and intelligent and hard working you should be able to do what you need to do to thrive and survive in this world.  If you are resourceful you should be able to do what you can to carve a place for yourself in this world.  I don’t think you need to be rich to have access to stuff which should be the right of every human being.

I actually think that everybody, regardless of birth or ability, has the rights to a degree of comfort, health and respect.  I have been there, done that.  I’m there right now struggling to carve out a place for myself in this crazy world.  I hate the status-quo ruling class mentality where those born rich rule and those born poor remain poor, uneducated and subservient.  That is a very limited world lacking in growth and innovation.

So I am going to create a dual system where I can have the best of the Windows and the Ubuntu worlds.  I need all the free software that the open source community offers so I can be an independent artist/animator.  But it isn’t just me.  There are a lot of capable creative people out there who should be given the opportunity.  It would make a richer world for all of us.

And I also would like the benefits of Windows, and there are some.  I CAN have it all.  Don’t tell me I can’t.  The worst that can happen is: I lose my windows altogether, have to do a complete reformat of my drive and I will have a single Ubuntu system.  Not horrible.  And in that case it is the Windows that loses out long term, because everyone will be shifting to Ubuntu, and to tell you the truth, it is the most ethical and innovative individuals who are working for Cannonical, who are creating a better world.  I can dream.

Windows will have to learn to share.

So now this Cyberspace Cowboy is trying to build up the courage to rebuild his system.  If my system crashes and I drop off the grid I just want some witnesses that I was here.  And I tried.

I leave you with a bit of Bill’s Burning Chrome…




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