We are all Divine – Part 4

Milton Sparks Offical Photo ND

I fed the words “Sparks of the Divine” into Youtube and I got a bunch of charts and abstract images and then it gave me this “Milton Sparks Official Photo”.  I don’t know who Milton Sparks is or what his music is like but this image does it for me for some reason.  I know the reason, but can’t explain it.

We have sparks of the Divine inside us, but all that comes from us is from G-d.  The vessels which filter the Light of the Divine and Create the universe are broken, yet they are not.  All is beautiful.  It is complicated.

A person can’t explain this stuff second hand.  I have to read the written Torah and then the Zohar AND THEN Luriah in order, and even then it can’t be explained.  There is a reason this is called Kabbalah (received).  One can only find a way of living by reading the Chassidic masters, or Maimonides or Ramban, and then a person has to shape that to themselves.

You have to return to the source to find yourself… yourself.

I type in “Return to The Source” and I get a documentary on The Matrix.I don’t know how this is significant.  It might be to some.



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