I Don’t Know


I don’t have any answers.  I have questions.  I have ideas.  And along the way I might find people with similar ideas and questions. God Forbid I should have any answers.  What would the Joy be in living if we became perfect people and had reached the end of discovery. We are imperfect so we can improve.

Lay me down to sleep, Good Lord, in peace and raise me up again, Great King, to life.

Because life itself is Joy, or it can be.  Every time we lift a hardship from our self or someone else there is Joy.  We are meant to engage with others and make this world a better place.  It’s not the big things.  It’s the little things, and suddenly we are bathed in light. I’m enrolled in a four day program to raise my self esteem.  Confidence building.  Is it doing what it is meant to be doing?  Probably not.  Is it taking my time away from other things?  Possibly.  But I am the one who wastes my own time.


Everything in this world and everything I meet is a mirror of myself.  Or am I the mirror of the universe and these things just flow through me?  I only see and understand stuff which is already inside me.  I met someone I really wanted to help.  Why?  Complicated reasons.  I don’t want to help every-one.  And who am I, anyway?  I can’t even help myself.  And what help does he need from me.  Nothing, probably.  Step back.  Do not go where the angels fear to tread, as the saying goes.  But I go anyway.  People need people and they need to be needed.

likutey Moharan

On a completely different subject I am looking for a a set of Likutey Moharan in English.  We don’t have such a thing in our library system, public or academic, I don’t think.  I’m not worried, though.  I have lots of other reading before I get to that, an unending lifetime really, and bibliographies I haven’t even begun to investigate.  But when the time is right (if I keep my heart and ears open) God will provide.



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