A Hasidic Mandate


(In reading I find more to read.)

I am exploring Judaism and Hasidic philosophy. I try to follow the code, and I search for universals within that.

The heart of this code is based on loving kindness.

The purpose of life is to serve others. The goodness that we strive for within ourselves shines within others. This is what “We were made in God’s Image” means.  It is our purpose to find that light in others and help it shine. When we act selfishly we deny that goodness within ourselves and others. We insult the Divine Name. We need to need and we need to be needed. We do not do this for our self gratification but for the benefit of others. Without community, in isolation, our life has no meaning.

(Below is just a few books I found that, maybe, I should read.)

hasidic book

hasidic book2

hasidic book3



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