What Are We?

What is consciousness and what is the physical universe?

Understanding – knowledge – is based on models that we create. We only know what our senses tell us and we try to explain what we perceive through these models.  We see the world through a veil of consciousness but what we see is not really what is.

Am I only a physical thing within a physical world evolved to survive?

This illusion of consciousness produced by an over evolved cerebral cortex will cease with my body.   In short, I am biological machine evolved for the reproduction of my DNA?  But is that all that I am?

We don’t understand what this physical universe is or what our consciousness is, but our mind reaches out when we don’t understand. Is this more than a survival instinct? Our perceptions extend beyond ourselves through our imagination. Through our imaginations we imagine, we believe ourselves to be more than just physical creatures.

We are beings of thought and imagination.

Experiments in quantum mechanics have shown that observation affects the behaviour of sub atomic particles. Experiments have also shown that subatomic particles communicate with each other instantaneously over space and time. Perhaps this suggests a consciousness pervades the physical universe and we are part of that consciousness. Carl Sagan said that the physical stuff we are made up began with the big bang. We are made up of star-stuff, and that star-stuff came together to form consciousness, that we were the universe thinking about itself. Perhaps this veil of consciousness, this construct of models and imagination, is also what the universe is made up of. Perhaps the human mind is only an antenna which taps into this universal consciousness.


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