Universal-creationWe are part of greater forces, and lesser forces, and when I speak of “forces” I believe all these forces are One.

I look for images that mean what I want to say (so you don’t have to read. Ha, ha).  This is a fellow wading through the Universe.  The Universe reflects him, he reflects the Universe.  He is Created by what he moves through.  He changes it, it moves and sustains him/her.

The fact that we exist at all is a miracle.  We are born into the Universe, temporal things born into the Eternal and sustained by It.  The Universe reflects us, we reflect the Universe and we are Created by what we move through.  It moves and sustains us.  Things running with us and parallel to us.  Words, emotions, intentions, actions, causes and effects, ideas, imaginations, pasts, presents, futures…  angels, demons…  The point is we are more than what we percieve or think we understand.  We are moved by forces greater than ourselves, these forces create us, move us, and we exist within them and by them.  They exist before us and they remain after we pass on.

We may pass away but Love and Compassion and all those things that shaped us, that we were Created for, Still Exist.  Love and compassion will continue to exist, and once we are stripped away, that’s all we are, anyway.  Love and Compassion.

We should live for that.  We could do a lot worse with our lives.


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