Just like you

Hello, I write stuff and sometimes I listen
 to stuff and they jam together in a nice way.
We are all the same, you know, a Shard of 
Divine Light in a broken body.  Stop worrying
so much and enjoy.  It's all a good thing.  

"You know I'm just like you.  I'm just passing 
through.  My heart wants to feel something 
that's real and my mind hopes to find 
treasures of another kind." 
- Just Like You,8th Day

There is a saying that “to judge another
person you have to walk in his/her shoes 
(or stand in his/her place)”.  To 
understand another you have to see things 
from their perspective.  That's compassion, 
as opposed to pity.  Charity without 
compassion is called pity, an act of 
superiority.  Perhaps, for the person in 
need, a thing given through compassion or 
pity makes no difference.  I think it does, 
though. Whether the “gift” is given through 
an act of understanding or superiority 
certainly makes a difference to the giver. 

I write because I want to inspire a response in
some one else's heart about their own life.  I 
would like to believe there is a universality, 
a general connecting force between all of us so 
that we can understand the other.  Hillel says 
a person must walk in another's shoes.  
Schopenhauer says that our feeling of 
separateness is only an illusion of space and 
time, that we all share a common humanity.  
Whatever you call it, that is G-d.



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