Understanding, Mirrors and Metaphors


Understanding?  We all have different operating systems.  Nobody can really teach anybody else.  Understanding has to come from the person trying to understand, if they do want to understand.  The teacher has no obligation to understand the student.  The student has to take from the teacher. I once had an argument with someone over my abilities as a student and so their abilities as a teacher.

They laid out all their degrees and publications before me and said “Are you trying to tell me I don’t know what I’m doing?”

I looked them in the eye and said “No.  I’m telling you that you don’t know what I’m doing.”


So there you have it.  Lack of understanding based on egos, knowledge, and a bunch of other stuff.  Maybe I will never get across what I mean to anybody, but maybe someone might understand something of themselves in what I say.  All we have is mirrors and metaphors.

So, I have a hobby.

I failed grade ten math, but I always liked physics.  So now, in my fifties, one of my hobbies is trying to read and understand physics books.  But that’s ok.  Because, apparently Richard Feynman had real trouble with his humanity courses at Yale and he needed a bit of help.  As well as a great physicist and teacher Richard Feynman is a wonderful story teller and bongo player.  So, if he can play bongos and tell stories, I can do physics.  But, really, with our broken minds and bodies, we need several lifetimes to get a handle on all this stuff we are interested in.  Well, maybe I was a physicist in a past transmigration.  So it’s a hobby of mine now.  What would the fun be if I didn’t have to relearn all that stuff in this life.


This is the point about understanding: The Lorentz Transformation (the little algebraic fiddle which, when applied to Newtonian Physics, allows for Einstein’s relative space time) is really simple.  When applied to mass or velocity one can see very clearly how time and space warps within Einstein’s universe.  And Einstein’s universe is most likely our universe until a better explanation comes along.  But there in no way I can explain it in words.  Look at the tiny algebraic transformation L=the square root of 1-v squared/ c squared where L=the Lorentz Transformation, v=velocity and c=the speed of light and how many words it has taken to explain it.  I could read books about it and it would still not be explained in words.  Yet it is still very simple.  That’s why mathematicians are so cool and can see the world in ways that I can’t.  I love Sheldon.

There’s the gap in understanding.  The gap is there between mind to mind and words and numbers try to bridge that gap.  Somebody else says “G-d Exists” and someone else says “G-d doesn’t Exist” and neither understands what the other means because words are really muddy.


My entire life is hobbies, it seems.  Finding happiness and meaning is a hobby of mine.  Or another way of looking at it might be these things are just part of my life.  All these things are part of what I am, even though I am an expert in none of them.  But I like all this stuff.  Stuff like mysticism and physics.  Are they compatible with me.  Yeah.  Are they compatible with each other.  Yeah, if you look at them in a certain way.  There never used to be all this division.  Everything used to be interconnected.

And you know what?  Everything is One.

One candle



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