Life Potential


This poem is by Omar Khayyam, a 11th century Persian mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and poet.  He lived  to be 83 years old.

The above poem seems to speak of a fatalistic G-d. It is from a collection of poems he wrote towards the end of his life, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, and in half of it he speaks about drinking wine and in the other half he talks about the nature of G-d, or his frustration that this life is all there is.  He has achieved a great deal and he seems like an old man who wants to enjoy his achievements and is coming to terms with his approaching death.  There are some serious issues here about the meaning of life and the existence of G-d.

It’s a great little book of poems.

You know, it doesn’t matter whether G-d exists.  We cannot see beyond the veil of death, if indeed there is anything beyond.  All we can see is what is here now.  Whether there is an afterlife or not it is what we do here and now which defines us here or in the afterlife.

Our connection to the human race is all we have, and whether we live to be 25 years old or 125 years old it is all the same.  All that will be left behind is our relationships with others.  No matter whether we feel we belong or not we have a connection to other people and a responsibility to the human race.

So for me, Judaism makes sense metaphysically and The Law makes sense ethically.  I study Judaism because there is something positive in it but I do not quite understand.  And I pray because it keeps me grounded and I eat kosher just because…

I don’t have all the answers, and the Zohar is a very strange but beautiful book, but I see that there is a code to Chassidic Judaism which is good.  Many people are lost and many people act ethically.  I wonder whether it is better to act ethically because you have taken your ethical principles from Chassidic Judaism or from a secular humanism.  Whatever leads to compassion is good.

Now, whether we live to be 25, 125 or somewhere in-between, it is important that we maximize our existence.  It is important that we give of ourselves so that we may continue in the hearts of other.

Peace and Love,



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