Dear Blog (And so The Universe came into Being)


Dear Blog

The following is just ideas I am throwing out: A blog is like a diary for the public.  It might be a bit dysfunctional.  A person writes to work things out, but – by making things public – is anything really solved?  Perhaps lonely people write blogs because they have few people to talk about their personal stuff with.  And perhaps the same type of people read blogs for the same reason.

Or perhaps new worlds are created each time words enter another mind.

Writing here helps me work stuff out.  It’s the wonder of language really.  Putting things into words turns them into something else, really.  Something with a different reality.  Something that can be managed.  The metaphor is that words create worlds.  The universe was created with words.  And each letter or word that we create in writing becomes an angel or a demon and flies off and takes a life of it’s own.

And this is not really a metaphor.  It is a Truth, as are all the good metaphors.  Our imagination creates and sustains this world for us.  Once an idea leaves the imagination of one person and becomes text the text becomes alive.  It can enter the imaginations of others.  A piece of text can become thousands – millions – of different worlds.

I say this all as a preamble.  I write things so I can figure them out.  I also write things down as a form of memory for me.  But once an event or an aspect of character is written down it becomes more than memory.  It becomes something I can meditate on.  I am constructing myself here.   And when I write these things down and then return to them I am reconstructing those memories inside me.  I am building myself here for myself.

And each person who reads my blog constructs their own image of me, so I am re-created over and over again.  And so it is with everything.

So, over the weekend I was infused with energy because I had worked out on Thursday.  On Monday I was feeling magnificent and I visited a friend.  On Tuesday I was feeling a bit down for some reason and I worked out a bit.  Today I am looking for Meaning.

Meaning?  I don’t know what that means.  But I vaguely remember a story about that.  A group of really enlightened people were talking about Existence and the Power of God, saying that Faith could change the world, that a man, through Belief could move mountains.  I think they were looking for Proof and so Control, two things, I suppose, which are ego based and self defeating.  So they asked the greatest sage among them if he could move mountains with his faith.  “Of course,” he answered.  “But I would not because I Know everything is already in it’s place.”

That’s Faith.  That’s tremendous Belief.  Everything is in it’s place.  All is for the Good and suddenly one gains the ability to see and accept the best in all things.

That’s a nice place to be sometimes.  So I cannot be unhappy with what I am.  I can only accept the best that I am.  And by writing these things down I can meditate on them and re-create myself every day.

Peace and Love.


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