All this Chassidic thought?

Gerald Paul BourgeoisI have been thinking about this a lot.  If I were an Chassidic Jew I might believe the following:

There is certainly no material or spiritual return to myself personally in following this path.  I am a servant of G-d’s Will and, as such, I follow a path of loving kindness and compassion and put the well being of others above my own.  To desire or expect anything for myself is to destroy the purpose of these teachings.  All things are in their place and everything has a purpose, so following this path can not change me in any way except that I become a conduit to bringing good into this world.  But I cannot ever KNOW what G-d is or how G-d’s will becomes manifest in the universe, because knowing is an act of ego.  I can only yearn and seek because that is an act of the heart.  So the road becomes to seek Truth and Connection but never to completely discover that.

That, in fact, is how Halakhah (Jewish Law) literally translates, as “the way of walking” or “the way to behave”.  So it is not through gain or finding revelation or answers that my life gains meaning but my existence gains meaning just through doing and being.

This is somehow very comforting.  And so – whether I am an Chassidic Jew or not – believing the above couldn’t hurt.


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