Talking With G-d III


Gamzu l’ toiva.  This, also, is for the good.  So in “Talking with G-d II” I talked about everything being in it’s place and so we merely have to understand our place.  That doesn’t mean we are condemned to misery.  We have a Divine Spark and some degree of creativity in our understanding, meaning we can find the best space for our place, I suppose.

Since “Talking with G-d II” I have walked to my friend’s house and back.  He wasn’t home, but this too is for the best because I had time to think.  Torah is Life and so must be realized in life through three pillars: prayer, study and action.  The exercise I get from walking covers some of the action, I suppose.  We are our brother’s keeper, but by extension we are as responsible for our selves as well as other’s.

And as I walked I was able to think.

“Talking with G-d II” of was mostly about Zohar, Haya Sarah 131a.  The passage I refer to has to do with reincarnation.  According to the Zohar the Soul, the Divine Spark, is reincarnated several times in different bodies/physical identities.  So the question is: Since the soul inhabits several identities through several reincarnations when the Messiah comes and all souls are brought back, who’s identity will be brought back with the soul.

The answer was: the transmigration that achieves the most is the one that will be brought back in the final rebirth.  All other identities will not be brought back.  Death is the reward for the unrealized human being.

This concerns me.  What is going to happen to me?

This is why I have said that the Treasures of the Kingdom of G-d are here now, whether you are a pauper or a king.  The reward for being compassionate is to gain a compassionate heart,  loving-kindness,(chesed), healing the world, a greater emunah/understanding of the value of existence, and an unconditional love for everything that is good and lot’s of other positive things.  If you follow Torah and turn yourself into a realized kind and loving person you gain, not material treasures, but treasures of character and joy.  These are the true Treasures.

Because I don’t know anything about spiritual stuff or stuff beyond this life, but I can try to be a good person in this world.  I can receive and share Treasures here and now.

If you had my eyes you’d see a palace for you and me.”




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