Government Sponsored Slavery

I wrote this in 2012 in Finland. I fear things are getting worse.

Strange Island


Finland is (or was until recently) a Social Democracy.  That meant that the government held things such as education, employment, healthcare, housing, and the welfare of the aged, infirm, handicapped and unemployed to be human rights and there were safety nets set up by the government to ensure that all people, regardless, were able to live in safety and dignity.  Over the years this system has been degrading.  All over the world the social welfare systems set up by past liberal minded governments have been falling apart.  The same exists and has been happening in Canada and Sweden and numerous other countries.  The reasons given for this have been things like debt, paying off the deficit, and diverting money from services to stimulate business and create jobs.  But the efforts to stimulate business have not created jobs. I believe these “reasons” are only excuses for more conservative/capitalist policies so that…

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