A Blog Introduction – Stranger in a Strange Land – A Canadian in Finland

Strange Island


(This is April 7th, 2012.  I had begun the idea of writing a blog for a long time.  Something raw and honest to talk about life.  Something talking about being an outsider.  Something talking about being a foreigner in Finland.  I’m afraid here that I’m putting myself at risk, because I am being honest, and I don’t have much faith in the human race sometimes. I think there are a lot of not-good people and a lot of not-bright people out there so that the number of intelligent and ethical people is very few.  I mean, mathematically, after you work out the number of people who intelligent, and then the number of people who are ethical, and then you find the cross section of people who are both intelligent and ethical you get a very small percentage of the general population.  I just hope I am among the intelligent and…

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