Why I am Writing Poetry or The True Value of a Dollar (from Letters to a Postmodernist)



Strange Island

Dear Mr. Postmodernist,

When I was teaching English at the Business college I learned a bit about economic theory.  I wanted to share some stuff with you that you certainly already know.  But this is how I am seeing things now about “Rome burning”.

Debt does not create crisis. Debt is what enables goods and services to flow. In the thirties money stopped moving and goods and services stopped flowing because people lost faith in that system. Today, governments are using debt as an excuse to take money from essential services and channel it into big business. Whenever there is a lack of faith the reserve banks simply extends the debt, increasing the security of the banks and increasing the banks indebtedness to the reserve banks. Business and government are using the old arguments to enslave the masses and make a small sector of our population incredibly rich.

Rome is…

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