Theists Lack Reason and Atheists Lack Imagination


“Does God Exist?” is not really a question because there is no definition.  I have read “Critiques on God” and a lot of the arguments against are as misguided as the arguments for.  Since there is no prescribed definition it is easy to make an argument for or against if you are the one making up the definition.  And it also is impossible to present that argument since definitions are not shared.  There will never be a meeting of minds on this.  People just assume they are right and get angry and condescending.  It just gets silly arguing with fundamentalists on either side of the argument.

But how about this?

God is a descriptor for something we don’t understand except through metaphor.

“Divine Characteristics” describe the best values of human characteristics which help us to be happy and productive in modern society.

Prayer is a practice which teaches discipline to strengthen our character so we might better come to terms with the above, a method to help us attain those characteristics and so be “closer to God”, a method of visualization where we see the way the world should unfold and how we might take action to make these things happen.


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