I’m listening to Syd Barrett today.

We are just a skin away from Madness, or Genius, or Sanity.  It’s like three parallel universes colliding.  Passing through each other.  And we exist in the intersection point of all three, but we don’t know.  And along that skin life flows.  And we ride that wave.  Don’t breath or you will upset the delicate balance, and we will fall into Schroedingerish non/multi/nonexistence, our eyes wide staring into their own non being until somebody else acknowledges our existence.

And it’s not what you think.  It’s quiet and it’s lonely most times and it’s unbearably self aware.  And the most dangerous people are those who claim they understand for the sake of denying they are connected to this flow.  They are the ones who create the “they”, so I guess that’s in a sense me.

Alan Watts, who died in 1973, will tell you that the “I” is an illusion, so I suppose I am as much Alan Watts as I am Syd Barrett as I am myself as I am you because I am talking about all this stuff.


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