Rage rage against the dying of the light

Suicide? I don’t know the statistics. Do more adolescents and teenagers commit suicide than adults? I would expect as much. The longer you are around the longer you have had to think about stuff, and, I suspect, suicide is not a reasonable solution to anything.

That’s what I have determined. The battle is always there, the rush with danger, the romance with oblivion, but the answer should always be to fight to be. Loneliness is painful, yes, but the answer is not oblivion. Loneliness is only a taste of the blackness which awaits. Don’t be a fool.

Yeah, I have had a hard life and I have felt intense unbearable self aware isolation. But I adhere to Dylan Thomas who advises “Rage, rage against the dying of the light!”. Every moment of life has value, and one moment leads to the next and the potentiality for pain pleasure release or suffering is great, but it is there in every moment we continue. The end comes soon enough, and I think much to soon, whether we encourage it or not.

And, yes, it means right now I may be in misery, but yesterday I was not.  Yesterday I was happy, even if I do not see it now, and tomorrow I may not be miserable.  And, even so, even my pain has value, imprinted on this piece of time, even if there is no internet or no other here to see it passing, it will be recorded.  The universe itself has a memory.  The fabric of space/time reacts to matter and we are engraved and immortal stretching from the beginning to the end.


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