Suicide, too?

This topic is ongoing from the previous post.

Yes, I have thought a lot about this, because I have been in pain and lonely, more than some and not as much as others.  I have also had much happiness, again not as much as some and more than others.  But to say “Choose life!” is always the answer is flippant.  Yes, those of us who survive continue to write and choose life has always been the answer.  Those who don’t pick the option “Choose life” do not continue to write.  Their answer is not here, is it?

So I can’t speak for the people who are not around to speak for themselves.  I can only speak for myself and hope there is some commonality, some connection.  Otherwise, why do we write?

I think that people that think a lot about things often become angry and frustrated and confused with the condition of life, and they often are lonely.  But the anger, frustration, confusion and loneliness all rise from a strong desire and attempt to live.  If one is so invested in life then there can be no alternative to living.  The negative emotions are just part of the package in an attempt to improve ones life.

Tao talks of the path, not the end of the journey.  Life is a process.  We are on the road.  The road is all there is.  There are no prizes at the end.  Life is what happens to us along the way.


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