Wandering Aloud

Just wondering aloud, passing these thoughts into words and text and not knowing what they will form.  Something will come out at the end of all this.  Let’s see what.

Are we just biological machines created by random chance to survive and procreate?  Are we strings of DNA grown out of control to the point of a hundred billion neurons which think about their own existence?  Certainly, this brain we have evolved is counterproductive to the purpose of survival.  If the soul purpose of our existence lies in our reproductive organs then why do we need to think at all?  Certainly, bacteria, cockroaches and rats, despite our best efforts, survive far better than we do.  Why does such a self aware, self reproachful, self destructive thing as a human being even exist?  A glitch?

I consider the terms brain, consciousness, mind, soul.  It is not scientific to use terms like transcendent soul, as if we were, in fact, more than biological reproduction machines.  But we think about this stuff for some reason, as if it gives us pleasure.  We do it even if it gives us pain, desperately, as if we could think G-d into existence.

I use the slash through the word “G-d” as a sign of respect.  There are restrictions to writing The Name, restrictions against blasphemy, against using the Lords Name in Vain.   But it is merely formality, because the English word G-d just stands in for something else, just like the word HaShem means the name.  After going through the daily litany of prayer in the prayer books one realizes that prayer is a constant repetition of the numerous names of G-d.  It seems as if every Word is a name of G-d, as if language itself was somehow Divine.

Or perhaps it is just habit out of fear.  One fears death so much one creates G-d.  One creates a Master Consciousness which transcends our own and which transcends physical existence so we can believe our own consciousness can transcend our own physical mortality.  Again, why does a consciousness exist which ponders and doubts its own existence so much that it creates a Master Consciousness?  And one creates habits such as regimented prayer and builds restrictions and fears around these habits.  Is this all because we fear we are only biological machines which will die.  Consciousness exists only so it can ponder its own existence and fear its non-existence.

There is a story.  A committee asked two great sages about human existence.  One said our existence was a blessing.  The other said that it would have been better if we had never existed at all.  The committee debated and came to the conclusion that it would have been better if we had never existed but since we are here we should act virtuously and with compassion to each other.

That doesn’t answer the question of whether there is a Master Consciousness or whether we have transcendent souls but it does answer something.

In the face of misery and doubt we must be kind to each other.


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