God dreaming Himself within the Universe

I am listening to Alan Watts. In fact, God is Dreaming the Universe as much as Itself as us.  We are the Universe experiencing itself, as joined with the Big Bang as we are joined to our fingers, meaning we are not separate from the whole we are as much a part of the Whole as we are a brain in a body. We are, on a more metaphoric but no less True level, God dreaming Himself as individual consciousnesses within the Totality, but as God is Timeless, so are each of us and we are as joined to each consciousness – past present and future – as we are joined to ourselves within this limited time and space, which is – in fact – an illusion because it is temporary.


2 thoughts on “God dreaming Himself within the Universe

  1. Could I add that space is information, and our brain is like a radio just a receiver of information. It is limited and crude. I could go even further and say that it is through us that god experiences the universe or even further and say we are gods…


  2. Religions are set up to maintain ethical behavior in the population. When you look deeper they seem to be asking “What is the foundation of reality?” Alan talks about the Western Idea of the Great Monarch Maker and Ruler of the Universe, where we are separate from nature, and then the Eastern idea that we have Become out of the Universe and are a part of nature. Coming from the West I struggle with discarding the idea of a benevolent anthropomorphic consciousness that oversees the universe. But when you look at the mystical traditions which lie behind the traditional beliefs and practices of both East and West they seem to be coming around to the same points but from different directions.

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