Paul Bourgeois.  Age = OngoingIMG_0612

Former lives: Radio DJ, Actor, Poet, Script Writer, Globe Trotter, Teacher, Animator, Filmmaker, Writing Group Facilitator, Father, Gardener…

Present life: You know, I’m trying to assimilate all that I was before into what I am now, and sometimes it just comes down to living in the present.  Life is interesting…


I taught English in India, Nepal, Japan, The Czech Republic and Vietnam.  Learned how to play the harmonica and a bit of guitar.  Got a degree in fine arts with a film focus.  Started making docs and animations and had a music video shown in the NY Metropolitan Museum.

You know, I understand a bit about the politic of “the other”.  I wish I could remember names just like that.  I wish I was always ready with the quick comeback. But my thoughts just come jumbling onto the page from my eyes and out of cracks.  And I think, on the outside, I look like that messy jumble to others.  But I know, like a puzzle, where everything goes  and I slowly thread everything together.

“We will let society hold their mediocrity precious but we will not be the gauge by which society defines it’s own importance. We have been forced to painful consciousness through our otherness and despite all that has been done to us we will succeed. We will be artists and scientists and businesspeople.

We will look back in society’s eyes and our eyes will have consciousness, creativity, intelligence and far more humanity than was served to us.”

Welcome to the real world of interesting people.


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